Vegan Dessert: Strawberry Pistachio Bon-Bons
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Strawberry Pistachio Bon-Bons


SERVES: 16 PREP TIME: 2h + Overnight Gluten Free | Soy Free


• ¼ cup oat flour
• 6 tablespoons dates, pitted
• ½ cup pistachios
• 1 cup fresh strawberries
• 2 pinches of salt
• 1 ½ cups vegan chocolate chips

Gluten Free Variation: Make sure to use certified gluten free oat flour.


1. In a food processor, add pistachios and pulse into roughly shopped pieces. Add strawberries, dates, and pulse until smooth. Add oat powder and continue pulsing until all ingredients are distributed evenly in a paste like mixture.

2. Scoop mixture into a bowl, cover and put into the freezer for 1-2 hours, or until solid enough to roll into balls

3. When mixture solidifies, roll into one-inch balls, place on a wax paper lined plate, and freeze overnight or until solid.

4. When the bon-bon fillings are frozen, melt chocolate chips in a double boiler. You can also melt the chocolate in a bowl simmering in a pan of water. Using a toothpick or fork, dip and coat each bon-bon filling with melted chocolate, and place on wax paper lined plate.

5. Place in freezer for the shell to harden, then store them in the freezer.

6. Allow bon-bons to thaw before eating, or eat them straight from the freezer for a delicious frozen treat!

[more on pages 218-219]

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Fabulous!!!! Easy to read, well organized, FULL of beneficial information that will keep you wanting to learn more :-)

Unique addition to my vegan cookbook collection.

Good guide for your health if you're vegan or not.


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